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Katz, Hoyt, Seigel & Kapor 

Legal Counsel for Samsung America,
Los Angeles, California, USA

111111 Santa Monica Boulevard
Suite #20
Los Angeles, California 90025-3342
Telephone (310) 473-1300

July 9, 1998

Re: Jeff Fishbach
SecondWave Information Systems
P.O. Box 5166
Chatsworth, CA 91313-5166


I am writing this letter to highly recommend the Internet services of Jeff Fishbach of SecondWave Information Systems. I am a business litigator at a Los Angeles law firm. In August 1997, I was the victim of a massive "spam" campaign directed at myself and our firm's client.

The "spammer" was a disgruntled customer of our client, with whom I had earlier attempted to negotiate a settlement on behalf of our client. Instead of reaching a settlement, the disgruntled customer instigated a huge hoax by sending a spoofed message to tens of thousand or perhaps millions of e-mail recipient. The spam appeared to be from me threatening imminent legal action against the recipient for all sorts of ridiculous things. The spam purported to be sent from our firm's e-mail address and, conveniently, included my business phone number, state bar number and home phone number! As you might imagine, our firm was flooded with thousands of telephone calls, faxes and e-mails, and I received many threatening telephone calls at home -- all complaining about the spoofed e-mail.

Jeff and Second Wave came to the rescue. Their help was twofold. First Jeff engaged in computer-talk with our firm's service provider, obtained and installed an automatic response program at our e-mail address. The result was that each of the thousands of e-mail complaints that came into our box was immediately and automatically returned with a message explaining that the "spam" was a hoax that did not emanate from our firm. When we informed people that the message was a hoax, they backed off of their complaints, and even became apologetic.

Second, Jeff consulted with the federal authorities to whom we reported the "spam" incident. His incredible knowledge of the Internet allowed him to understand how the spoof was effectuated, and how we could gather evidence against the perpetrator.

I very much appreciated Jeff's assistance and guidance through what was a very difficult experience. He is very talented, well spoken and highly recommended for any Internet task.


Russell L. Allyn

Samsung America Spoof.


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