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Cookies: Although coolies are used sporadically throughout this web site, they are in no way used to collect, archive, track or database user information. Where used, cookies are utilized for the purposes of enhancing user experience. Every page appends a footer containing a Javascript-based cookie that informs the user that the page has changed since his/her last visit. In order to operate, the Javascript places a cookie in the user's browser that stores the last visited date and then recalls that date when the user returns. This information is for the user's eyes only. We do not use this information for any other purpose, nor is there a mechanism in place to do so.

Log files: Like nearly every site on the Internet, the web server hosting this web site collects a limited amount of data automatically for statistical, diagnostic, security, and quality of service purposes. It is difficult, if not impossible, to run a secure and reliable server without this information. On the surface, this data is fairly benign and includes the number of hits received on each page, when and, in some instances, from where the hits originated. With this in mind, all Internet users should be aware of the existence and prevalence of log file data across the web and the ways that it can be used. Every Internet user is assigned or lent an IP (Internet Protocol) address. This address, even if temporarily, acts as an identification number for the user's computer or network. Upon subpoena, log file data can be used to demonstrate that a particular machine, network, or ISP account visited a web site on a given date, at a given time by searching for the presence of an IP address.

Please be aware that almost all web sites collect log files, but most do not mention that fact in their privacy statements. Additionally, even in the absence of Log files, similar data can be derived from other sources such as ISP's, firewalls and routers. Although one can surf anonymously--that is to say that they can hide their personal identity--it is very difficult to surf "invisibly". For most, the benefits of using the Internet outweigh the risks. However, if you would like more information about hiding or masking your IP address while using the web, please visit the RESOURCES page on this web site.


Email addresses are collected on a volunteer opt-in basis. No membership or signup is required to access this site. Addresses are used solely for the purposes of informing users about issues jermain to the spirit of the web site. Addresses will never be sold or shared with any external entities an are for the sole use of this web site. Specifically, addresses will not be used for commercial solicitation. After subscribing, users may unsubscribe at any time by visiting the newsletter page. Removal is automatic and instantaneous. Following removal, the user may receive a message confirming their desire to unsubscribe.


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