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Association of California State Attorneys & Administrative Law Judges 

Legal Counsel for California State Department of Insurance Employees,
Sacramento, California, USA

660 J Street, Suite 480
Sacramento, California 91203
(916) 442-2272

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to recommend the services of Jeff Fischbach and SecondWave.

My work includes the representation of clients charged with computer misuse through the Internet. Mr. Fischbach has served as my expert in such cases for the purpose of analyzing the evidence against a client and assisting in the preparation of the client's defense.

Through Mr. Fischbach's knowledge and skill, a case which originally appeared hopeless, was concluded in favor of the client. Mr. Fischbach was able to recreate what actually occurred, and in so doing, proved the client was not guilty of intentional wrongdoing.

What makes Mr. Fischbach's work invaluable is his ability to explain sophisticated computer concepts in a clear, understandable and concise way. This makes Mr. Fischbach a compelling witness at trial, and increases the likelihood of negotiating a satisfactory resolution for the client.

Very truly yours,

Steven B. Bassoff
Labor Relations Counsel

Improper use of government computer equipment and network facilities.


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