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Jeff Michael Fischbach, ABFE

Exposed to computers as a child, Jeff Fischbach developed his early skills negotiating a primitive interface to what we now know as the Internet. In the computer sciences building at the California State University in Northridge, where his father continues to teach, Fischbach spent his free time learning about computers and information technology as it developed just down the hall. He has remained involved with computers and has remained vigilant in his pursuit of knowledge, training and apprenticeship throughout his life. In 1994, Fischbach began a part-time consulting practice which, due in no small part to a concentrated focus on information systems policy, swiftly became a profitable full-time career.

An information systems consultant by trade, Fischbach has served as a key technology advisor to more than a dozen professional organizations for the last several years. Companies, large and small, continue to rely on his expert opinions as they face the rapid changes occurring in information and communications technologies. Among these changes has been a shift in the way companies interact with their employees, partners, customers and vendors. Along the way, Fischbach has guided his clients over a turbulent sea of change. Often engaged to evaluate, scrutinize, mediate or settle deceptive, negligent, fraudulent, or criminal activity over complex computers and network systems, Fischbach’s professionalism and discretion have become his trademark.

As a litigation consultant and expert witness, Fischbach has shared his technological expertise with judges, attorneys and their clients. “Invaluable,” and able to “explain sophisticated computer concepts in a clear, understandable and concise way,” says one attorney. Fischbach has developed a reputation for his unique ability to simplify the complex workings of computers and networks using clear analogies and lively charts and illustrations.

Mr. Fischbach has worked closely with the Los Angeles Computer Crimes Division of the FBI, consulted with the Danish Consulate, and, frequently quoted, has become a recognized authority among members of the press. Through his work, Fischbach has developed and maintained contacts in many closed-door organizations such as America Online and Apple Computer. His relationship with these companies has allowed him to cut through red-tape and has often yielded expedited results.

Fischbach has aided in the investigation and apprehension of computer criminals and has assisted in the successful defense and exoneration of those wrongly charged with computer crimes and misconduct. His strength lies in his ability to master new concepts, interpret and apply data, and, ultimately, train his audience. A Board Certified Forensic Examiner, and active member of several industry organizations, Fischbach has made himself a valuable resource to his clients.


Forensic Examination
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American College of Forensic Examiners
Board Certified Forensic Examiner,
ABFE #12891

Professional Experience:

SecondWave Information Systems
Los Angeles, CA

Board Experience:

Board of Advisors, Pulse Industries, Inc.
Burbank, CA


American Board of Forensic Examiners
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Electronic Frontier Foundation


Los Angeles, California, USA

Recent Cases:

County of San Diego Department of the Alternate Public Defender

Department of the Alternate Public Defender

People v. Dana Headlund

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Platinum Acceptance

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Defendant, Northwest Airline Flight Attendants, Washington, D.C., USA

Northwest Airlines v. Teamsters Local 2000

Ralph Naderís Public Citizen Litigation Group

Legal Counsel for Northwest Airline Flight Attendants,
Washington, D.C., USA

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Northwest Airlines v. Teamsters Local 2000


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