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County of San Diego Department of the Alternate Public Defender 

Department of the Alternate Public Defender

County of San Diego
Department of the Alternate Public Defender
410 South Melrose Avenue, Suite 200
Vista, CA 92083-6623

September 30, 2002

Mr. Jeff Fischbach
P.O. Box 5166
Chatsworth, California 91313

Re: People v. Dana Headlund

Dear Mr. Fischbach:

Please allow me to express my appreciation for your assistance as an expert consultant in Dana Headlundís case. As you know, this was an extremely complicated and contentious case which involved three years of pre-trial litigation in both the trial and reviewing courts. Your work was invaluable in helping Bart Sheela and me prepare for trial and then ultimately settle the case on the eve of trial. The settlement terms were very favorable to our client due in no small part to your help. Thanks.

Very truly yours,

Jeffrey R. Martin
Deputy Alternate Public Defender

People v. Dana Headlund


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